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    Selected works by GIFRIENDS

    "GIFRIENDS is a photography and net art collective. Consisting of four friends: AlexMarisaPeter andMichael, GIFRIENDS love to make pictures both moving and still. GIFRIENDS is interested in the Internet and its magic. GIFRIENDS also loves people and the mundane.” (text from the GIFRIENDS portfolio)

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    Dante Zaballa & Matias Vigliano

    (Parquerama Studios)

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  3. p-kyle:


    I’ve been working hard to finish New Comics 4 before the slew of events this fall. I can say safely that it will be printed and ready early next month. The Issue is 7 x 10”, 48 pages and contains material that I’ve been posting on tumblr lately, plus more. 

    Pre-orders are very much appreciated. 

    Get it here.

    Pre-orders still open! Going to start printing it near the end of the week and before you know it it will be in your hands. 

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  6. lilacsinthedooryard:

    Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, Bird cherry in a glass, 1932

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    10/10, would eat

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  9. gingerlandcomics:

    some pages from Frontier #5, debuting at SPX from Youth In Decline

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  10. timecowboy:


    hey! it’s my atl cover for Jake's comic Teen Dog

    ideal teen life 

    Kris did such a good job on this cover for Teen Dog #2!!!!!!!!! I yelled when i saw it.