1. sosuperawesome:

    Gemma Correll, on Tumblr


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  2. coinop-nyc:

    @ zine fest in San Francisco
    New books!

  3. malblum:

    do you think messenger bag got my haircut so we could match as much as possible for the #hallieandchris wedding or so that somebody would revive maleblum.tumblr.com ?

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  5. postcard-club:

    Great swap between Victoria Tutunjian http://hotdoghands.tumblr.com and Mike Driver http://mikewdriver.tumblr.com/.

    A warm welcome to new club member Victoria with her greenery card and another great geometric card from Mike!

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  6. larahawthorne:

    Fish pattern - blue version! 

  8. transistoradio:

    Jack Smith (1928-2011), Black, White and Grey Movement No. 2 (1962), oil on canvas, 106.7 x 106.7 cm. Collection of Tate, UK. Via Tate.

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  9. hallward:

    Not anyone in particular.

  10. blastedheath:

    Barnaby Furnas (American, b. 1973), The Surrender of John Brown, 2007. Urethane on calfskin vellum, 28 1/8 x 20 in.