1. uemulagirls:

    The Melancholy of poolside

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  2. blackyjunkgallery:

    little illustration break, eventually for an exhibition.
    I got in touch with a publisher for “Trauma Soldier”. Sounds good but i wait for his final answer.

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  3. cross-connect:

    Sam Lyon is an illustrator based in Dundee, Scotland. He specializes in making one of a kind transparent jelly gummies gifs for the internet. MUST MUST check out all his awesome jelly gummies on his tumblr!!

    Sam on Tumblr | Twitter | Instagram


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  4. hipinuff:

    Frederick Hammersley (American:1919 -2009), Come and Grow,1979. Oil on linen, 114 x 114 cm.


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  6. blastedheath:

    Jules Olitski (American, 1922-2007), Untitled, 1964. Acrylic on canvas, 41 3/4 x 40 in.

  7. saatchiart:

    What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
    Remain free in your work, and be wary of modes, as only the work matters. I also love this quote by Francis Bacon: ”You know, for me the paint–and the older I get, the more it really was an accident. I see it, but I almost never happens that I had expected. They transform itself. in fact, I rarely know what will be the canvas and many things happen by accident, because it becomes a process to know which element of the accident I will choose to preserve.”

    Come with us inside the studio of Francesco Garieri.

  8. nasahistory:

    Space a Shuttle Atlantis during launch. Atlantis is currently on display at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I have seen the display and it is first rate. A fitting display for a beautiful space craft. Definitely worth a trip to see it, as well as the Saturn V there.

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  9. bkatzglass:


    Beautiful shades of blue to green sea glass.

    Sea Glass coolness hues

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  10. kylefewell:

    Yay its fall and glorious out. I can leave my apartment again.

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